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Rehabilitation is an essential part of the patient pathway to ensure that children achieve their maximum potential following major trauma.

For every child a rehabilitation prescription is documented. The rehabilitation of children is supported and coordinated by the rehabilitation coordinators in each of the Children MTC's.

Rehabilitation Guidelines

School Fit Note

The school fit note has been developed the Greater Manchester Rehabilitation Project. It supports children to return to school following major trauma injury and provides advice to schools around phased return, reasonable adjustments and return to physical activity. Below are examples of the fit note:


The MAnchester Needs Tool for Injured Children (MANTIC) has been designed by Dr Samantha Jones to assess the holistic needs for all types of childhood injuries. The MANTIC is a feasible, acceptable, valid self-report measure of the needs of injured children and their families.

Please use link to access the full document

You can request a copy of the MAntic by emailing Sam:

The MANTIC is now freely available for clinical or research purposes. Please find below a presentation on how to use the MANTIC including:
• How to access the MANTIC for free
• Who can use the MANTIC
• How to use the MANTIC
• How it can benefit your patients
• How it can support audit, research and gap analysis for your paediatric trauma services

Concussion Guidance