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With the theme “Building a Better Future Together”, this international conference will focus on the development of innovative treatments, rehabilitation programmes, support mechanisms and ways to improve the lives and potential of young people affected by brain injury. The programme will be inclusive of all issues relating to paediatric brain injury, both traumatic (e.g., external physical force injuries, penetrating injuries) and atraumatic (e.g., infectious diseases, tumours, stroke, neurotoxic poisonings, etc.).

Manchester Trauma Courses

Peer-Reviewed Level 2 Paediatric Trauma Nurse Courses

Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) - Advanced Life Support Group

(Level 1 Paediatric Nurse Competencies to follow)

Paediatric BLAST Injury Field Manual

The Paediatric Blast Injury Field Manual has been created to provide technical guidance for those with medical training. It enables the user to adapt their knowledge to the treatment of severely injured children. The Field Manual has paediatric-specific sections on:

Pre-hospital care and transport
Damage control resuscitation, surgery and intensive care
Surgery (thoraco-abdominal, limb, burns)
Neurological injury
Ward care
Psychosocial support
Ethics and safeguarding
The Field Manual is also intended for use by anyone who is required to plan for the treatment of severely injured children, so they can see the resources, training and equipment that is required in a medical facility likely to receive blast injured children.

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