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What we do

The mission statement of the North West Children's Major Trauma Network is -

"To provide excellent high quality care in all parts of the pathway and network in the North West of England, North Wales and the Isle of Man for ensuring the best possible outcome, reducing mortality and morbidity for all Children who have experienced Major Trauma".

Organisation of Children's Major Trauma Networks requires a unique approach because of the relative infrequency of Children's Major Trauma. The Network has an inclusive approach to ensure experiences are shared and disseminated.

The Network disseminates National Standards and identifies and sets local standards for Children's Major Trauma. The Network itself is peer reviewed by the National Peer Review Team (

The Network Clinically Governance Board meets formally four times a year. The purpose of the meetings includes sharing data relating to major trauma, and through incidents explore how the patient pathway can be improved to ensure safe, fast admission to the Children's Major Trauma Services and to ensure effective rehabilitation.

The Network Team also visits all Children's Trauma Units and Local Emergency Hospitals with a lead clinician on a regular basis to provide support . In addition it formally accredits the Children's Major Trauma Units.

The North West Network works together with other Children's Major Trauma Centres in England and has links with a Children's Major Trauma Centre in the United States.

The Network team works in collaboration with the Adult Major Trauma Networks in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and Stoke. In addition there are good working relationships with the Children's Hospitals in Birmingham, Sheffield and Bristol.